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February 2, 2017

Are you giving your best today?

Students, if you don’t give your best now when will you do it?  Waiting, picking and choosing times to really work hard means that you never learn the value of consitently giving your best.  The problem with that is when you need to dig down and really make a supreme effort you don’t know how and your not that good at it because you do it so sparingly.  Make it a point to give your best, and move on.  

It takes discipline and mental toughness to give a supreme effort consistently.  It separates the good from the great.

Be great today


November 29, 2016

You choose your attitude

Students, bad attitudes, anger, pessimism are like a disease.  They poison not only our thoughts but they hurt our health and self-outlook.  The good news is you can control these things with mental focus and practice.  If you are around folks that have bad attitudes, make excuses and are negative, you will likely adopt some of their attitudes.  Sometimes we have to find new friends who are better for us in the long run. It takes courage, but it’s worthwhile.  You don’t have to tolerate mediocrity because that’s what negative thinking will get you. 


November 10, 2016

Be engaged and uplifting

Do you know that we all can be really good every day at all the things that don't take talent.  Things like being friendly, generous, and uplifting to to others.  Your presence in a space can have 1 of 3 effects.  You can sit there and quietly blend in not harming or really helping, you can detract from the environment by being negative or disruptive, or you can add to it by being uplifting and engaged.  I can tell you that the day goes by faster and smoother when you are engaged and uplifted and it’s a lot more fun.  Try it today---being a lifter, not  a hater.


October 20, 2016

Best Effort

If you don’t make your best effort today, when will you do it?  Postponing your best effort is a really bad habit to get into.  It leads to an acceptance of mediocrity which makes it really difficult to summon up your best when you need to.